Our approach

Our greatest success story at Celebration Church, has been the ‘grace’ to effectively evangelize, make disciples of and deploy people who once upon a time, were mere seekers, as mature disciples and vibrant ministers of the gospel. CCI has successfully created a systematic discipleship training curriculum that works.

Our Vision

(We envision all men) celebrating endless life in Christ Jesus.

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Our Mission

To be an effective evangelical ministry, enlisting people in Christ
To be an effective teaching ministry, raising people in Christ
To be an effective mission minded ministry, redeploying people for Christ
To emphasis the surpassing delight in Christ above all things

Meet Pastor Iren

Pastor Emmanuel Iren is the Lead Pastor and Founder of Celebration Church. He is a trainer at heart. His passion is for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry; partnering with them for their progress and joy in the Christian faith. He emphasizes growing in the knowledge of Christ and learning to share that knowledge with people.

He is married to Laju Iren who partners with him in the work of ministry. They are blessed with a beautiful daughter.